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Imagine that you are back in the era when jazz was expanding beyond its perceived boundaries - when jazz was an American phenomenon.

Imagine that there is a radio station spinning records on the cutting edge of jazz, giving a nod to the origins of jazz and even sneaking in some blues now and then. Bop City is that radio station.

Why Bop City?

We love classic jazz and we enjoy sharing it with other jazz lovers.

With more and more radio stations dropping classic jazz from their formats, we decided to do something about it by creating Bop City, Vintage Jazz Internet Radio.
We present a selection of album oriented jazz that is not easily found and rarely heard on the radio.

Within our playlist, we include entire albums of artists rather than only select cuts. We feel that this gives the listener a better variety of an artists' body of work and results in a playlist with a vibe that ebbs and flows from within. This concept allows our listeners to delve deeper into the world of jazz.

Bop City is Live365's best alternative for classic jazz!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Good News - We will be adding eighteen more hours of classic jazz to our playlist very soon. This will result in providing more variety of music within a total playlist of 54 hours.

Bad News - We are at a crossroads with Bop City. While our station is enjoyed by jazz enthusiasts around the world, we are not generating enough revenue to pay for our broadcasting costs. Yes this is a hobby and hobbies cost money, but as the economy continues to erode, which is directly affecting me, every dollar saved is helpful.

Since inception our station has received over 103,000 listener hours. We've been able to accomplish this two ways - one, with a grassroots promotion effort and, two, by providing excellent content. We are disappointed that Live365 has never featured us on their website which would drive listeners our way; especially since we pay them to broadcast. After all, we are the highest rated classic jazz station on Live365. We've been on the air for three years. At this point we have no reason to believe that Live365 will promote our station.

So, we have four months to decide what to do. We would really hate to see Bop City go by the wayside, especially since classic jazz continues to lose broadcasting outlets. But, that may very well be what happens.

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