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Imagine that you are back in the era when jazz was expanding beyond its perceived boundaries - when jazz was an American phenomenon.

Imagine that there is a radio station spinning records on the cutting edge of jazz, giving a nod to the origins of jazz and even sneaking in some blues now and then. Bop City is that radio station.

Why Bop City?

We love classic jazz and we enjoy sharing it with other jazz lovers.

With more and more radio stations dropping classic jazz from their formats, we decided to do something about it by creating Bop City, Vintage Jazz Internet Radio.
We present a selection of album oriented jazz that is not easily found and rarely heard on the radio.

Within our playlist, we include entire albums of artists rather than only select cuts. We feel that this gives the listener a better variety of an artists' body of work and results in a playlist with a vibe that ebbs and flows from within. This concept allows our listeners to delve deeper into the world of jazz.

Bop City is Live365's best alternative for classic jazz!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Playlist Update

We've updated our playlist with a bunch of new cuts. Check out the Breaking News crawler for the artists included.

We still are in limbo regarding the future of internet radio. We'll post information when we learn something solid.

Here's the top 15 countries that have listened to Bop City over the last 30 days:

United States
United Kingdom

And, here's the top ten metro areas that have listened to Bop City over the last 30 days:

New York
Los Angeles
Washington DC
Seattle - Tacoma
Paducah - Cape Girardeau - Harrisburg - Mt Vernon

Thanks for listening to Bop City.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

God bless Bop City Internet Jazz Radio.
I listen to your radio when i am in either AFRICA or EUROPE at all time.
Above all i listen to your radio with friends mostly when I am at home in Ikorodu, a small town in Lagos State Nigeria, West Africa.
Hey please BIG UP NIGERIA for us.
We also love Jazz music like many guys from Europe, USA and Japan.
GOB2C - God Bless Bop City!
Ismail B.